Deprecation schedule: no longer supported features & functions

The features and functionalities in GpsGate listed below are deprecated. They have been replaced by new functions or they are no longer supported.

The features listed will continue to be available until their removal date. We do not recommend using the features. If a replacement is available, GpsGate recommends you convert to it as early as possible.

Please plan and consider your GpsGate usage according to this list.

After the deprecation date, support is limited to compatibility releases. After the removal date, you must uninstall the plugin before you can update GpsGate.


Deprecation date      

Removal date

Script Notifiers   October 2018
TR2002 (IFTA) report   January 2019
AlwaysValid   December 2018 November 2019
AssetProtection          December 2018 November 2019
CheckHDOP December 2018 November 2019
VisitAll December 2018 November 2019
Ayna Maps January 2019 November 2019
CloudMade January 2019 November 2019
Links February 2019 November 2019
SMS Proxy for Windows February 2019 November 2019
CellID April 2019 November 2019
Driver Journal January 2019 January 2020