TS1012 Time on Site (Vehicle - Site)


This report shows which sites have been visited by the vehicles. The report is grouped per device displaying data from the time range and tags selected in the report parameters.


In-report information

  • Period Start: starting date from the parameters' selection.
  • Period End: ending date from the parameters' selection.
  • Total Time on Sites: total number of sites visited in all sites displayed in the report.
  • Date: date when the visit took place
  • Arrival Time: time when the site was visited at arrival
  • Departure time: time when the site was left by the vehicle
  • Time on Sites: total time spent by the vehicle in that site



1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install the Time On Site Report plugin.

3. Activate the report for the application.

4. Set up your Event Rules:

5. Go to Manage Reports and edit the report, select the event rule created in previous step in the parameters


  • If you use both POIs and geofences, it is recommended that you create separate event rules for each (Setup > step 4).
  • If you have different POI Categories / Geofences Groups that may overlap, we recommend creating an additional Event Rule for each of those categories (you can use the event clone feature to speed this setup up) and create additional report instances of these reports, in which you will choose the different event rules copies you've created in each of them.