EV1001 Event Rule (total)


This report shows the total sum of events per vehicle during a selected time period.


In-report information

  • Start date and time: when the event has started
  • Stop date: when the event ended
  • Duration: duration while the event was true.
  • Vehicle: the involved vehicle in the event.
  • Total Distance (GPS): the distance travelled while the event was true.
  • Total Events (row): total number of events produced of the same event.
  • Total Events: total number of events from all categories
  • Total Vehicles: total number of vehicles involved in the events
  • Total Duration of the events
  • Total Vehicles: the total number of vehicles involved in the events 


This report works with any device. The report requires event/s in order to display information. 

Read how to create event rules here.


No specific setup is required. This report is enabled by default in any application.

If this report is not visible in your application, read how to activate the report into the application.