Dispatch December release

All of our changes this month are about making Dispatch easier to use for new customers and improving the core workflow for everyone. We added inline help text, new drag and drop card workflow, guidance to get workers online, powerful search, and a clutter-free panel among other things. Read our full notes below.

User Interface

Job card redesign

Job progress displayed at top, full job info in main body. When you hover, handles appear to make 'drag and drop' between workers simple.


One Card Route Display

Routes are now being displayed in one card for a quick overview and to save space on the dispatch panel. Hovering on a route will give you stats about the jobs in the route. Clicking on the upper right list icon will open up the edit route window so that you can see all of the jobs.


Job Statistics

Job statistics can now be found on the right hand side of the worker rows.

Job Status Quick Set

The job card right click menu now allows setting the dispatched status.


New Connect Mobile App Workflow

Worker cards indicate whether or not they have the Dispatch app installed and connected. 



You also receive a warning if you assign a job to a worker without the app.


You can connect workers' smartphones using a QR code or by texting them the link to download the application.


New dispatch Status and job progress

The dispatched status and job progress are now displayed separately and can be set quickly with radio buttons as you create or edit a job.

Unassigned jobs at the top

Unassigned jobs tray in Dispatch panel - always shows at the top for quick job distribution. Can be collapsed to save screen space.


The search filter now works on any text in a job or in a route (e.g. description, location, and worker name). It even supports special characters in the filter.



Real-time push notification on comments

Real-time push of updated job comments to workers. Job comments interface updated to match new GpsGate design.

Autocomplete with time

Autocomplete job feature has a default setting that allows to auto-complete jobs scheduled within a specified time.


The automatic dispatch feature can be activated to dispatch all created jobs assigned to workers at a specified time of day.





More cool features

  • New standardised icon buttons plus hover help text to explain their functionality.
  • Send custom push notifications to your workers' apps with our new scripting 'notify worker' function.
  • Routes can now be created with just one or more jobs. This allows access to scheduling and planning features.
  • Job synchronization with Garmin devices has been made much more robust.
  • New worker specific settings API that allows worker stats to be saved in an automatically cached, asynchronously persisted store.
  • New worker activity system that tracks the online/offline state of workers connected to a Dispatch app and collects their last seen time.
  • New Dispatch metrics implementation with same old basic gauges and two new metrics added. 
    • Gauge: Number of workers that have at least one job scheduled and dispatched today
    • Gauge: Number of workers that have a Dispatch app last seen time of today

How to install these features

To install and try these new features you need to have the latest Beta updates.

Note: take into account that this feature is currently in beta version. You may consider this if installing it into a production environment.

1. Go to SiteAdmin > Plugins > Get More plugins

2. Click in Change URL button and select beta.gpsgate.com. If you don't have this repository, add it in New URL box.

3. Install/Update all your plugins.