Set your devices time zone to UTC+0

When configuring your devices to connect to GpsGate, the best option is to set them to use UTC+0. This allows proper device message handling by the server. 

Most devices support this setting by default. If your device is not using UTC+0 configuration, alternatively, you can set the Time Zone using metafields.

Setting the time-zone meta field

Note: this method is supported only by some device models.

1. Make sure the server localization is properly set according to your time zone.

2. Go to Site Admin (Legacy) > Devices > Types 

3. Select the Device Type you want to change the time zone for.


4. Scroll down and set Meta Fields > Time Zone (e.g. -6 for EST)


5. Click on Save.

Your server is now ready to handle your device's messages with their time configuration.