Add a device from SiteAdmin into an application

If you haven't created the Device user type to link your device with a user in GpsGate, you can still add it using the SiteAdmin method. Follow these steps:

1 - Configure the device to send data to your GpsGate Server Public IP Address (found on SiteAdmin/Devices) and the port for the device you are using.


2 - Make sure that the device is configured correctly. Read the Trouble shooting guide and run the connectivity tests. If you get any trouble while connecting a device to GspGate Server review the Trouble shooting guide again.


3 - Turn on the device and put it under clear sky

4 - Login to Site Admin

5 - Click on Devices tab in Site Admin

6 - If the device is sending data you will see 1 unknown device


7 - Click on 1 unknown device button

8 - Enter the information needed to assign the device to a new user and select the application the user will be added to.


9 - Login to the application and you will see the device online