Add documents to your dispatch jobs

The Dispatch app allows you to attach a .pdf document to your dispatch jobs. The document can be viewed by the workers at any time.


  • The Dispatch administrator can attach any PDF document at any time to be sent to the workers even after dispatching a job.
  • The workers can perform their jobs having more information at hand: work instructions, manuals, blueprints, customer details, etc.
  • End customers get to benefit from receiving a better service.

Setup: enable Media type in Custom Fields

1. Make sure you have Dispatch set up according to this guide.

2. Go to Jobs/Route Custom fields (the process is the same for both of them)


3. Select Document type and add a text to the Label.

4. Click on Save.

Uploading a PDF document to your job

1. Create and dispatch a job to the worker.

Read here to know how to use the Dispatch app with a worker.

2. When creating the job, in the Custom Fields section, drag and drop a PDF file from your computer directly into that window.


3. Save the Job or Route.

Retrieving the file from the Dispatch App

1. Open the Dispatch app on your mobile phone.

2. Tap on the job that contains the .pdf file

3. Tap on the document at the bottom of the job description

4. Now you'll be able to see the .PDF file right on your screen