Add pictures to your dispatch jobs

The Dispatch app allows you to take pictures or media files out in the field and attach them to your jobs or tasks. These files are uploaded and stored on the server, so they are immediately visible to fleet operators.

Enable Media type in Custom Fields

1. Make sure you have Dispatch setup according to this guide.

2. Go to Jobs/Route Custom fields (the process is the same for both of them)


3. Select Media type

4. Set a Label name. The name could be anything of your choice.

5. Click on Save.

Uploading a picture or media file to your job

1. Create and dispatch a job to the worker.

Read here how to create jobs.

2. Select Take an action inside your job.


3. Now the worker can decide if taking a photo or upload a media file from the device.


Wait until the selected image is uploaded to the server

You will finally see the image attached to the job

Read the file in desktop mode

The operator can retrieve the media file from the Dispatch desktop by opening the job or checking which jobs have an image attached.

1. Select the job which contain the image and right-click on it and select Edit Job

2. Go to Custom Fields and click on the image file.