Arvento device setup

This guide shows how to set up Arvento devices.


1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins > Get more plugins
3. Install the Arvento plugin

Device setup

1. Log in to Site Admin.
2. Go to the Service tab.
3. Click Providers on the sidebar menu.
4. Select the ArventoMessageProvider option from the dropdown. This will open the message provider form.
5. Specify a name for the provider.
6. Specify the WebService URL. E.g. http://[Arvento-Server-IP]/Service/Report.asmx
7. Specify
- Username (Arvento account username)
- CustomString should be in a specified format and contains required parameters for all supported web methods(*)
8. Specify the other required parameters such as CallInterval and CallTimeout. By default, CallInterval is 60 seconds, and values less than the default value will be ignored.
9. Click Save.

10. In the table view, click Start to start service listener.



CustomString format: "PIN1=1234&PIN2=5678&Locale=sa".

Supported WebMethods: GetVehicleStatusV2, DoorAlarm2

Next steps

Add a user to your application