Geocode addresses to generate a dispatch import file

Importing dispatch jobs in GpsGate requires entering the latitude and longitude in the CSV file to import.

It is possible to convert addresses to lat-long format using a 3rd party tool as explained in this tutorial.

Creating a Google Sheet

We will start by creating our Google Sheet with the required CSV format for the import.

1. Open Google Drive by typing in your browser.

2. Select My Drive > Google Sheets > Blank spreadsheet


3. Select File > Import


4. Select Upload


5. Download this demo CSV file


6. Upload/drag and drop the txt file


7. Select the following options and click on Import data


Now the CSV file is imported and it should look like this


Getting the add-on

Now the next step is to download the geocoder add-on that will allow us to convert the address column into latitude-longitude

1. Go to Add-ons > Get add-ons


2. Search for Geocode by Awesome Table and install it.

Note: this tool is a 3rd party tool for Google Chrome and is not related in any way to GpsGate. Read the developer notes before installing it and to know about privacy features of this extension. GpsGate takes no responsibility on your data for using this tool.


3. Once installed, refresh the browser.

4. Select Add-ons > Geocode by Awesome Table > Start Geocoding


5. Select the column address and click on Geocode


The geocoder extension will start translating the addresses from the column


And finally filling the Latitude Longitude columns as required.


Exporting the file to CSV

The final step is to export the file into CSV to use it to create your batch dispatch jobs import.

1. Select File > Download > Comma-separated values


Now your CSV file is created with lat/long values


Next steps

Read how to import dispatch jobs here.