Register Android Tracker using SMS


  • This setup requires a device with SMS capabilities.
  • If you want to use Android Tracker on a device without mobile phone capabilities, use Android WIFI only registration method
  • Port 30175 TCP and UDP open in your system (see step 2 in this guide)

Application: add the Android device

To register a new Android Tracker device, follow the next steps:

1. Log in to your Application

2. Add a new Device.

3. Select for Android device and select it


4. Insert a phone number (starting with + and country code)


5. Enter any other detail you require, and finally click on Save

A new window will open.

6. Click on the Send registration button.


The next steps are to be performed on the phone.

Android Phone: Tracker app setup

1. Open the notification received in your mobile phone via SMS


Your default browser will open.

2. Select Get GpsGate Tracker to download it,


3. Go back to your SMS message.

4. Click on the SMS link again.

5. Select the Gpsgate Tracker app to open this link.


6. Select the option Accept to add the configuration to the app.


The Tracker App is now configured and ready to work!

You will notice the configuration has been applied when you see the option GPS Tracking.



Read the Android Tracker SMS activation troubleshooting article.