How to add activities on Road Works


How to add an activity

Activities are the jobs that the vehicles will perform on the road and be represented on the map as an additional layer to it. You can define as many activities as necessary. To add activities, follow these steps:

1. Click on + Activity.


2. Select the variable to be used for the activity. The activity will be represented on the map every time the variable is true

You can assign variables using the device mapper.

Note: you can use a variable only once, in one of your activities. You can add as many route groups as you like for different tasks or geographic areas under one activity and see the status of each group individually in the interface.

If you have a requirement to use the same variable in multiple activities, please create new scripted variables using device mapper scripting


Editing an activity

If you need to edit your activities, click or right-click on any of them.


Planned and actual activities

Once there are activities in the Road Works panel, you can access the Planned/Actual buttons

In this section, you can edit or re-arrange your activities.


  • Planned: are the road work activities you want to complete (eg. a snow-plow machine that needs to complete a job on a specific road).
  • Actual: is the status of the current job (eg. how much of the planned road work the snow-plow did on a particular road).


Selecting layers

To access the layer screen selection, click on the Road Works advanced options and select Display Settings


On this screen, you can select to view/hide/reorder an activity layer


Hiding road works map layers

If you want to hide Road Works from your current map view, simply select the layer Road Works from the available toolbar, and the traces generated with your activity layers will be hidden.


Changing display settings

You can change how you view your activity tracks or fleet coverage by time or by layer.

Seeing live updates is the default. That shows 24 hours back from now (the current time).

To change the time period shown on the map, head to the Road Works panel.

The option on the left is the hours and the setting on the right is the date. So you will view X hours back from the end date selected - or from the start date to the end date.

start_date.png          end_date_2.png

Activities start recording from the point in time they are created. Do not delete activities to remove them from the map - use the Display Settings instead. There is not currently historical support for activities not set up in Road Works.