How to add custom fields to Maintenance (Legacy) tasks

This guide pertains to Maintenance (Legacy). GpsGate Cloud customers can use the new Maintenance feature in preview release.

Custom fields are personalized fields that can be applied to the Maintenance tasks that enables adding further information to them.


1. Access the application privileges and features

2. Enable the _EditCustomField privilege in your application

Adding custom fields to maintenance tasks

Creating the custom fields

1. To add them, select Maintenance > Schedules in your application

2. Now select the arrow at the top-right of the Schedules window


3. Add your custom field types


4. Click on Save

5. Follow the Maintenance Plugin guide to know how to add Maintenance Schedules

Enabling the custom fields

Each time you define a new event for your maintenance schedules, you will see the custom fields.

You must enable them by checking the left-hand box to make them visible.


Now the custom fields will be available each time you create a new maintenance log.