Auto-complete jobs in Dispatch

Dispatch comes with a feature to allow workers near jobs to be marked as completed without manual intervention from the worker.


1. Login to your application with Dispatch enabled and setup as described in this guide.

2. Click on Auto-complete (On) to enable the option

3. A new panel will show up. You need to define which group/s the auto-complete feature will apply.

For example, select for example Dispatch Units

Distance: the job will be marked as completed when the vehicle is at the number of meters specified here.

Check Ignition Off: if you mark this option, the job will be marked as completed when the vehicle has been detected with Ignition off. You need a compatible device with this feature and the Device Mapper correctly set up.

4. Click on Save


Now when your dispatch unit is near a job with the specified conditions, the task will automatically be marked as completed.


  • The task must be Active before it could be auto-completed. Read more in the dispatch guide in the section Job State to know more about this.