Scheduled jobs


Scheduled jobs are tasks that you want to be repeated on a regular basis (e.g. a bus doing the same stops every day).

Scheduled jobs could be a route (that contains multiple jobs in it), but it's also possible to create a scheduled individual job to be repeated each week, for example.

Getting started

1. Select Schedule option to create a scheduled job / route.

2. To start, you need to fill with the standard information (name of the scheduled job, note, color of the route, etc).

Notice what if you select a worker, the only available status will be Assigned.

3. In the same way as when creating a route, you can assign the stops here too.

4. Choose which days the routes will be repeated.

5. Click on Save to finish.

Now you can browse the job using the calendar and you'll observe how the same route is repeated on the days of the week chosen.