Dashboard example 1: see the number of vehicles moving-idling

In this guide we will show how to create a dasboard to display the number of vehicles that are moving or idling in separate Dashboard items panel.

Idling dashboard item

1. Click in the icon to add a new dashboard item

2. Select + Item > Condition based

3. Fill the rest of the fields with the following info

4. Save your dashboard item

Moving idling item

Repeat the previous steps 1 and 2 as in the Idling part

3. Add the following conditions

4. Save the current dashboard item


From the moment you save your dashboards, you can start visualizing which vehicles are moving and which ones remain idle in real time.

*You can easily add an extra condition to Idling:

if you only want to measure the vehicles standing still with the ignition on.

You can also see the graph if you click in the icon