Mobile Fleet App shows "For Development only" when using Google Maps

Note: this version of the Fleet app is deprecated. We recommend switching to the new GpsGate Fleet app for the best experience, updates, and support.


The Mobile Fleet Apps display "For Development Only" message when using Google Maps, even if you have a valid Google Maps key.


Make sure all plugins are up to date under SiteAdmin > Plugins: 

  • Mobile must be v. or later.
  • MapClient must be installed.

There are three different options to solve this issue, depending on which Google Map Key you have:

Option 1: GpsGate Google Maps

If you have a Cloud server or a Google Maps key from GpsGate, all you need to do is update all your plugins to the latest version clicking on Update All.

Option 2: Google Maps Standard Plan

If you have Google Maps Standard Plan you need to add the following referrers in Google Cloud Platform Console:

1. You can find the console in the top-right menu

2. Select Maps JavaScript API

3. In APIs > Credentials > Select Edit your key

4. Add these referers to the HTTP collection:


It should look like this:

5. Save your configuration.

Option 3: Google Maps Premium Plan

If you have Google Maps Premium Plan you need to add the following referrers in Google Cloud Support Portal

1. Access your Google Cloud Support Portal

2. Go to Maps: Manage Client ID

3. Add the following referers:




4. Click Add URLs.