Add custom fields to your reports

This guide shows how to add user-related and POI-related custom fields to your reports. 

Editing the report

1. Make a copy of your report.

2. Select your new copy from the list to edit it by clicking on View.

3. Right-click the cell where you want the custom field value.

4. Select Custom field > field from the menu.


5. In the next window, select as ObjectID UserID/POILocationID depending on the type of object you want to display the custom fields from. These values will be available for most reports.

Field Type > User/POI/Fuel Consumption/Maintenance.

Note: Fuel Consumption and Maintenance options will be displayed if the corresponding Fuel Consumption or Maintenance plugins are installed.

Custom fields user-related

Example of a user field related to a user:

Custom Field name > Type the name of the custom field exactly as in the application, between the brackets []. (e.g. Plate Number)


$CustomField([UserID], [Plate Number], [user])


6. Click OK.

7. Save your report.

Note: If this report has already been activated in an application, you may need to reprocess the report to get the new fields available.

Custom fields POI related

Example of a user field related to a POI: