Keep your GpsGate Server secure

Hosted and on-site servers

  • Make sure you always have all plugins up to date under SiteAdmin > Plugins.
  • The AccessFilter plugin makes it possible for you to control which IP addresses can access your GpsGate Server.
  • Make sure you only assign one physical person per login (username). And in this way you know "who did what".
  • Use Roles and Features/Site Admin Privileges to make sure a user can not access features not needed for his work.
  • See exactly which user did what using User Actions. You find it under Site Admin > System Tools > User Actions.
  • See exactly which user was logged into the system from which IP and during which time. You find it under SiteAdmin > System Tools > Activity.
  • Set inactive users to logout automatically. You do this in SiteAdmin under Applications > [Select app.] > Automatic logout.
  • Block Brute Force Attacks for devices using this feature in Site Admin > Security > Security
  • Block cross-site ASPX requests if needed under Site Admin > Security > Security

Server on-site