Add a device in the application

A GPS tracker needs to be associated with a 'device' user type in order to be used in the platform. 

To add devices in batch mode, use this method instead.

  • Note: we mention devices, not vehicles. A device could be located in a vehicle or it could be a user using his mobile phone as a tracker.

1. Create a new user by clicking on 

2. Select the User Type Device

click on Next.

3. In details, enter the  Username and Name (screen name)

Note: Username should be unique in the server. If you have multiple applications we recommend using the ID of your application (the last number of your application URL) followed by a name.

Example: if your application URL is you could use as a Username 203vehicle01

Click on Next.

4. Select the role _Unit 

Click on Next.

5. Select a Tag or create a new one. We recommend using Show on map to start with, as your current View it's based on this tag. Read more about Views here.

Click on Next.

6. Select your device brand and model. This is important to start receiving the data in the correct format.

Fill the IMEI/Unit ID/App ID, etc. THIS NUMBER IS VERY IMPORTANT! It's the link between your device and the user. The number is usually located in the device or in the box. Ask the device manufacturer how to obtain this number if you are not sure. For Android or iOS trackers, follow the instructions in the links.

You can use the Device mapper type that comes by default.

The rest of the parameters are optional.

7. The rest of the steps are optional. You can directly click on Save to have your first unit ready to receive data in the Vehicle Tracker application.


Your Device user type is now created.

To see if the device is receiving data you can check the Status icons or the Terminal window.