Add a device in the application

A tracker needs to be associated with a device user type. These are the necessary steps to create a device user:

Creating a Device user

1. Create a new user by clicking on + Device option.


2. Under Details, enter the Username and Name (screen name)

Note: Username must be unique in the system.



4. Make sure the role _Unit is selected. 


To read more about Roles read here.

5. Select or create a tag. Show on Map is the default tag for vehicles.


Read more about tags here.

6. Select your device model from the list. 


If you don't find your device model in the list, contact support.

7. Fill the IMEI/Unit ID/App ID number. 


The IMEI/Device number is the link between your device and the user you are creating. This number is usually located on the device label or on the device itself. In case of doubt, ask the device manufacturer how to obtain it.

If your device is already configured to point to the GpsGate server, it is possible that is already reporting and the IMEI number is already registered. You could verify this in Site Admin as shown here.

The phone number and device password are not mandatory.

8. Select a Marker for your vehicle. The marker will be visible on the map and on the vehicle label.

If you choose a Status indicator, you will see the vehicle real-time status also on the map. 

Read more about the status icons here.


9. You can now click on Save button to finish the device user creation.



To see if the device is receiving data check the device troubleshooting guide.