SUTRAN plugin

The SUTRAN plugin adds support for the government regulations that apply to GPS tracking companies in Peru. 

GpsGate Server can be configured to share data as required by the Superintendency of Land Transport of People, Cargo and Freight, SUTRAN (Superintendencia de Transporte Terrestre de Personas, Carga y Mercancías). 

The SUTRAN Service in GpsGate Server automatically reports in vehicles to SUTRAN, when configured according to the below guide.


1. Log in to Site Admin > PluginsGet More Plugins
2. Install SUTRAN


1. In the Application, make sure all vehicles have their correct license plate saved in the Name field.

2. Go go Service > SUTRAN in SiteAdmin.
3. Put in SUTRAN IDentifier the ID/Company Name received from SUTRAN.
4. Set Hostname to:
5. Set Port to 7773
6. Optionally, add a License plate prefix. If you use this option, only the users with this prefix in their Name field will be reported to SUTRAN. 
Example: If you use the prefix "Placa:" and a vehicle named Placa:ABC123. Licence plate ABC123 will be reported to SUTRAN.
7. Click Save
8. Now start the actual service by clicking on the Start button. Vehicles will now begin to report in to SUTRAN.

Note: all vehicles (license plates) must be registered at SUTRAN to be reported in through the SUTRAN service.