Driver Journal plugin

Driver Journal is a GpsGate Server plugin used to categorize and add notes to trips

  • With Driver Journal users can categorize their trips and add notes in a simple web interface.
  • Driver Journal can be used to meet tax authority requirements and company regulations.
  • Driver Journal reports can be printed and emailed for archiving purposes.
  • You can generate reports based on these journals very easily.

Sample journal

Install and setup Driver Journal

SiteAdmin setup

  1. Install the Driver Journal plugin
  2. Activate the Driver Journal plugin in your application

Application setup

  1. Login to your application
  2. Go to Admin->Roles->_DriverJournal and enable the Driver Journal as well as the ReadData->_Me  privilege
  3. Create a driver with the Driver with journal user type (or add the _DriverJournal role to an existing driver)
  4. Connect the driver to a vehicle with the Default vehicle setting or using the method by RFID described here, and select a start date for the connection

    Note: the driver and the vehicle must be two different users in the application. Read more about how to properly setup a driver here.
  5. Edit the vehicle and set the odometer in the Accumulators section if you want odometer listing in the journal

Working with the Driver Journal

  1. Login to your application as the Driver user. The Driver Journal workspace shows a list with trips for the selected vehicle. Use the calendar and the navigation buttons to move back and forward in time.
  2. Select a Category to add a trip to the Journal. Enter a note for the trip if you want to add details to it. The information is automatically saved in the Journal as you enter it and trips that are added to the journal turn green. Using the mergebuttons to the right of the Note field you can merge consecutive trips to a single journal entry.
  3. When you select a trip or journal entry it’s details are shown in the information window and the track is displayed on the map.
  4. Click on the Show report button to display the currently selected time period in the Driver Journal report. You can print the report and email it for archiving.

Driver Journal usage

Driver Journal features and behavior include:

  • One journal is created for each vehicle
  • A vehicle can have multiple drivers, a driver can only see trips that belong to him
  • Users with _ReadData privilege for _All or for a specific Tag can edit driver journals of all matching drivers
  • Click on a trip to view more information about it and display it on a map
  • Include trips in journal by choosing a category, optionally with a free text note
  • Journal entries are saved automatically during editing
  • Multiple consecutive trips can be combined into a single journal entry using the merge buttons
  • Delete a journal entry by removing the category
  • Click on Latest to show the latest journal entry for the driver
  • Click on Show report to display the Driver Journal report for the current driver and selected time period Note: in order for the report to display results, you need to have entered a category at least into one trip as displayed in the steps above.

Auto assign journal categories based on device inputs

You also have the possibility to automate the assignment of the trips based on your device inputs. To know more about how to change your device mapping read here.

To do so, you need to enable in your application properties in Site Admin the following privilege:

Now login into your application and you’ll see the option Driver Journal in the VT application menu under Admin

On this window you’ll have the option to map your inputs to different output categories for your driver trips.

If you want to use advanced conditions for your device outputs, you can add scripting to your device mappings.