Driver Journal plugin

NOTE: this feature has been deprecated and we do not recommend its use. For more information, please refer to the deprecation schedule.

Driver Journal is a GpsGate plugin that enables you to categorize and add notes to trips in a very handy way.

With Driver Journal you can:

  • Categorize trips and add notes in a simple web interface.
  • Meet tax authority requirements and company regulations.
  • Self-categorize trips based on device's inputs or by assigning a driver a default vehicle.
  • Driver Journal reports can be printed or emailed automatically for archiving purposes.


  1. Go to SiteAdmin > Plugins > Get More Plugins
  2. Install the Driver Journal plugin
  3. Go to Applications > Manage Applications and select your application by clicking in it's name. 
  4. Go to Privileges and Features and enable the privileges of Driver Journal to your application.

  5. Login to the Application.
  6. If you don't have drivers created in the application, create them first. 
  7. If you have drivers already, go to Admin > Roles >_DriverJournal and enable the Driver Journal only to the Drivers by selecting them under the Users section of the role.

  8. Click Save


  • If your devices do not support RFID readers (you can check your device compatibility here or by contacting your device manufacturer), you can connect the driver to a vehicle with the Default vehicle setting or using the standard driver setup described here.
  • The driver and the vehicle must be two different users in the application.
  • Edit the vehicle and set the odometer in the Accumulators section if you want odometer listing in the journal

Setup your Workspace

  1. Go to Windows > Driver Journal to select the panels.


  2. Re-arrange your Workspace panels by your convenience. Read more about Workspace configuration here
  3. Save your configuration by clicking in Workspace > Save As

How it works

  • One journal is created for each vehicle
  • A vehicle can have multiple drivers, a driver can only see trips that belong to him

1.  Calendar:   allows selecting the current day/week/month according to the selection of those parameters right to it.
2.  Today-Latest parameters:   today display the current day trips. Latest show the latest Journal entry for the selected driver.
3.  Driver selector:   it will display the list of your selected drivers. These are the users selected in step 7 in the Setup section of this guide.
4.  Business category:   this is important. Non categorized trips won't be displayed in the DI reports (6). The trip information is saved automatically after choosing a category. To remove a categorization, select none option and confirm.
5.  Comments section:   (optional). You can input additional comments to your trips
6.  Show Report:   displays the Driver Journal report for the current driver and selected time period.
7.  Trip Information:   this panel shows the information of the trip selected on the screen.
8.  Map of the trip:   this panel shows the map of the trip selected on the screen.

To take into consideration:

  • Users with _ReadData privileges for _All or for a specific Tag can edit driver journals of all matching drivers.

Merging Trips

It's possible to merge a categorized trips with not yet categorized ones. To do so, follow these steps

1. Categorize the trip you want to merge with.

2. Select the  icon to merge both trips.

3. After clicking in Merge both rows will show like this.

4. Click in the  icon to finally merge them.


Report pop-up in the application

This report doesn't require any special setup. It's available directly in the application.

If you click on , the report of the current selection will be displayed.

Driver Journal Reports

To enable more Driver Journal reports follow these steps:

1. In SiteAdmin, Enable the report in the Application Properties > Privileges and Features > Reporting > _CreateReport

2. Click in Save.

3. Follow this guide to activate your reports in your application.

Auto assign journal categories based on device inputs

You also have the possibility to automate the assignment of the trips based on your device inputs. To know more about how to change your device mapping read here.

1. Login as an administrator to your application. 

2. Go to Admin > Driver Journal

3. Choose the inputs that will auto-assign categories for your driver trips.

4. Select Save.