Geofence visit reports

You now can use the Time On Site Reports with Geofences in addition to POI:s to see the time spent in a location and if locations that should have been visited have been missed.

Two main questions answered by Time on Site Reports are:

  • How much time has been spent in a location?
  • What locations have not been visited?

This makes it easy to create reports showing how much time is spent with customers, at surveillanve objects or at construction sites. You can also quickly see if some locations have not been visited, which in some cases is even more important.

This blog shows how to setup a report that list the surveillance objects that have NOT been visited by security guards. You can use the other Time On Site Reports to measure the time spent in Geofences and Points Of Interest (POI:s).


Follow these steps to install and activate the required plugins on your GpsGate Server.

  1. Go to SiteAdmin > Plugins > Get More Plugins > and install Time On Site Report
  2. Click on the Applications tab and select your application
  3. In the Privileges and Features section, enable the feature Admin > Plugins > Reporting >_CreateReport > TS1008 Sites Not Visited (Geofence) 
  4. Save your application settings

Setup Geofence Tags

I put the geofences I want to monitor in two different Geofence Tags called Round A and Round B so that I can group my different surveillance objects in a simple way. The image below shows Geofences in the Round B Geofence Tag.


  1. Login to the VehicleTracker application and select the Geofence tab
  2. Create geofences for the surveillance objects and add them to suitable Geofence Tags. I add mine to Round A or Round B to create two surveillance groups
  3. Save your settings

Please look at the Creating Geofences video if you need help with the steps above.

Setup Event Rule

Create an Event Rule to check when a geofence is visited. In this case I add two expressions for Round A and Round B to include two Geofence Tags in the same Event Rule. I must also enter the [GEOFENCE_ID] in the Notifier. Look at the sample images below.

  1. Select the menu Admin / Event Rules and click on Add new Event Rule
  2. Create an Event Rule called Geofences Visited. Add your Geofence Tags in step “4. Expressions” as shown above
  3. In step “5. Notifications” you must enter the [GEOFENCE_ID] as the only message text as shown above
  4. Save your Event Rule

Setup Sites Not Visited Report

The TS1008 Sites Not Visited (Geofence) report shows the geofences that have not been visited. The setup will look like this:

  1. Select the menu Reports / Manage Reports
  2. Select TS1008 Sites Not Visited (Geofence) from Report definitions and click on Open
  3. Select the Event Rule Geofences Visited you created
  4. Select the Tag that contains the surveillance vehicles you want to report on
  5. Select the Geofence Tags that you want to include in the report
  6. Save your report


The map below shows the patrols visiting two of the surveillance locations in the Geofence Tag Round B.

The report will look like this, listing the Geofences in the Geofence Tag Round B that have not been visited by the patrols.