Accumulated Event Time in VehicleTracker

Learn how to add a new column in the Vehicle Panel in order to show an Event Duration


In this scenario we are going to demonstrate how to add a new Column in the Vehicle List in order to show the accumulated Event Duration of a specific Event Rule.

We have created a Event Rule that triggers when a vehicle gets inside a Geofence and we are now in Step 5. In order to be able to see the accumulated Event Duration in the Vehicle list we must add a new notification and select Text. We specify a desired name, and in “Text while active” we insert the variable called “Event duration” and in “when ends” you can just put a dash “-” (so it resets after event finishes)  as you can see in the following picture:

After saving the event rule, the next step is to go to the Vehicles list and click on the top corner in order to show available columns and select the one you just created, in this example “InsideGeoFence”. (If you do not see the recently created column it may be useful to refresh the browser page)

You can now see the new column added to your vehicle list. It will start displaying the Accumulated Event Duration once the first event triggers.