One-time notifications for repeated vehicle movement

This guide shows how to get a one-time notification for vehicle movement that is repeated several times in a day.


There are cases when an action is repeated several times within the same day - but a notification (or a response to it) is just needed once. One example could be detecting a vehicle’s movement during the night. In that case, it would be useful to get a notification the first time that the unexpected vehicle’s movement is detected, but additional notifications would be redundant.


The solution for this scenario is creating an Event Rule that starts just one event - even when the vehicle movement is repeated several times within a day - and does not close it until the end of that day. The first step would be scheduling the Event Rule on step 3.

1. Select the days that the Event Rule should be active


2. Then set the expression that will start the event. For this example, the variable Speed will be used to detect a vehicle’s movement during the night. It is also needed an End Expression which will always be false so the Event is not ended until the scheduler ends it.

Note that the option Delayed event is also activated to avoid generating multiple events if a condition is true and then false repeatedly.


3. A notification has to be set up in step 5 in order to get a notification. You can use, for example, email notification or any other type of your choice.


4. Click on Next and don't set any values on 6. Presentation. Then Save your rule.

Now you have an alert that it will be triggered just once and not multiple times when the condition is met.