Garmin Device Configuration

*DEPRECATED* GpsGate no longer provides support for the Garmin fleet 590 series. We recommend transitioning to a newer supported device type. 

Configuration support for Garmin fleet 590 and other Garmin FMI PNDs has been added to GpsGate Server. Garmin devices can now be configured from the server and device functions like “Harsh driving”, “Speeding” and “Estimated time of arrival” can be used in VehicleTracker applications.


Plugin Installation

  1. Login to Site Admin and go to the Plugins tab
  2. Select the Get More Plugins tab and install the Garmin plugin

Install note: If you are using Garmin fleet 590, setup the Garmin connection as described here.

Application Setup

Activate Garmin Profiles in your application:

  1. Go to Site Admin > Applications and click on the application in the Application list
  2. Scroll down to Privileges and Roles and check all the box for Plugins > Garmin > _GarminEditProfiles
  3. Save your application settings at the bottom of the page

Garmin Profile Setup and Usage

Profile Setup

Configure a Garmin Profile in your application following these steps:

  1. Log in to your application as an Administrator
  2. Open the Garmin Profiles window from the Admin menu above the map
  3. Click on Create Copy for one of the default profiles to create one with your own settings. Depending on the Device type different features are supported. Follow the wizard to create your profile.
  4. Save the Profile when you are done, it is automatically synced with your selected devices when they connect to the server

Details includes a name and description of your profile. Descriptive names simplify when you have multiple profiles

Auto arrival is used by the Dispatch plugin. At arrival to the destination the device prompts the driver to complete the job

Engine state detection detects the ignition state in the vehicle

Power off mode lets you set a PIN code on the device

Safe mode sets a speed threshold for disabling some of the functionality on the device

Speed limits detects speeding using the actual speed limit on the road reported by the Garmin device

Estimated time of arrival is used by the Dispatch plugin to show the arrival time to the next job

Motion detection senses if the device moves

UI text information sets the label for the Dispatch icon on the device

Harsh driving is mainly used for ECO reports. Use low threshold values (like 0.3) to begin with and adjust when you do your testing

Users lists the Users that have a device matching the device type for the profile. Select the Users you want to apply the profile to

Garmin Device Mappers

The Garmin Device Mappers have been updated with new signals that can be used in Event Rules and reports. Have a look at the Device Mapper for your Garmin device to see the signals that are available. Default mapping is shown in the image below: