Android Tracker WiFi-only registration

It's possible to use the Tracker Android app with Android devices that don't have cellular capabilities (e.g.: a tablet with only Wi-Fi).

To connect such devices, follow this guide:

Read how to configure an Android Tracker app fist.

In the tracker app

1. In the Android Tracker app, open Configure in the app to visualize the App ID

2. Write down the device ID from this screen to use it later.

In the application

1. Log in to your Application

2. Edit the android device.


3. Select the Android WiFi Only 


4. Input the device ID specified in the tracker app (from earlier step)


3. Save the user.

Connecting to the app

4. Edit your user again

5. Go to Device 1  and select Register tracker


6. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone


7. Your mobile browser will open.

Select Register your tracker


8. The Tracker app should now open.

Select the option Accept to add the configuration to the app.

Note: if you don't see this screen, force-close both the browser and the tracker app, and click on the registration link again or try a manual configuration on the Register tracker option in the app.


Now your Tracker App with Wi-Fi-only configuration is ready to go!