Android Tracker WIFI Only registration

With the Tracker Android app it is possible to use Android devices that do not contain telephony capabilities. You can now use any Android device with a data connection and a GPS tracker to connect to GpsGate Server quickly and easily. Just pick our Android WiFi Only device type to get started.

Downloading the app

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device

2. Download our app. You have two versions to choose from:

 branded version: if you don't mind having the GpsGate logo in your app. Download it here.

 unbranded version: use this one if you don't want your customer to have the GpsGate logo in the app. Download it here. Read more about this version here.

Creating the Android user

Login to the Vehicle Tracker application with an Admin user and follow these steps:

1. Click + New User

2. Open Configure in the app to visualize the App ID


3. Select the Android WiFi Only device type and copy the App ID from the app into Device 1 > App ID

IMPORTANT NOTE: use the Disable Power Saving if you want the app to run in the background when you turn off the screen.

3. Save the user.

Connecting the App to the user

4. Edit your user again, and go to Device 1  and click in Register tracker

In this window you have these options:

5. Option a. Scan the QR code with a barcode scanning app on the device and following the link


Note: then the QR code is read, you'll notice a notification in your camera app like in the picture View details

The Camera should now lead to the URL detected from the code and you'll be able to follow these steps (the images can vary depending on the Android version and phone model you own)

 >  > 

Option b. Clicking the button to send an email to the device and following the link (it will open your default email program on your computer). To receive and use the link, you need to have your favorite email provider in your phone.

Option c. Copying the URL directly from the box and sending it in any way you wish to the device and following the link.

Example: you copy the link in your PC's browser and send this link via Whatsapp web or Telegram desktop to your mobile.

6. After the link has been opened and accepted, you can now you can start GPS Tracking and Server Connection