Chat plugin

The chat plugin allows you to chat with your workers on the field from GpsGate Server.


Supported devices:

If your device is unsupported, you can still chat over SMS with the method described here.

Login to SiteAdmin and select the Plugins tab, leave the repository as and select Get More Plugins. Look for Chat and click on the “Install” link.

Go to the Applications tab and select the application you want to enable Chat in, scroll down and expand the Privileges and Roles section. Enable the Chat plugin inside the Plugins folder.

The Chat plugin will automatically be enabled for _Administrator and the _Operator roles in the selected applications. To enable the Chat plugin for other Roles the plugin needs to be enabled under Admin Roles inside the application itself.

How to use

Chat can be used directly on your Vehicle Tracker application by right-clicking on the name displayed in the Vehicles panel and selecting the Chat option.

Write a new chat message and select the options you want. The response group will display a list of possible responses in the device for that message sent. Display immediately will make the message pop up in the device when this is received.


You can edit the Response groups or the Quick messages by editing or creating new chat profiles. Chat profiles are found under the Admin menu in GpsGate Server.

Quick Response groups are lists of possible answers that the worker will be able to select only when a chat message is received. The list is displayed when the reply button is clicked on the device. New groups can be added and default groups can be edited.


Quick Messages are available on the device so workers can use them to reply any message or start a conversation.