Send commands to your devices using the mobile interface

Note: this version of the Fleet app is deprecated. We recommend switching to the new GpsGate Fleet app for the best experience, updates, and support.

This article explains how to send commands to your devices using the browser's mobile interface.

To send commands using the Fleet apps follow this guide instead.

Accessing the mobile interface

You get access to a mobile-simplified version of the Vehicle Tracker application when you log in from a browser using a mobile/tablet device or typing the URL of your server with the /m at the right of the URL

for example:


  1. Create template commands
  2. Enable the privileges to the user
  3. Launch the commands

Launching commands

1. Log in to the application with a designated user.

2. Select a vehicle and unfold Commands.


3. Click on Send.

4. A confirmation message will be prompted. Click on Send again to confirm.


5. A notification message will show up confirming the command's status.


Checking your commands history


By tapping on History you will get a list of the latest commands sent.


You will be able to display a specific number of latest commands or rather search by their name.


For more information about the commands status read how to use the commands panel guide.