Making the most of Mobile

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There are lots of features in the Mobile plugin that are all designed to help both vehicle operators and fleet managers while they are out of the office. Here is a list of tips and tricks that you can use to start maximizing your time on the road today!

You can resize tabs

Swiping a tab label away from it’s side will let you resize a tab to be larger as long as there is space in the browser for it to grow.

You can maximise plugins

When a tab is showing a plugin, carry on swiping the tab label larger until it runs out of space or pressing and holding on it will maximise the tab, giving you a full-screen, full-detail view of the plugin. Use the little top right un-maximise button to return to a tabbed view of the plugin.

You can quickly switch between focused vehicles

Swiping left and right on the summary panel for a vehicle will let you page through the available vehicles, putting them in focus and displaying their summary panel.

You can pin a vehicle to your map view

Tapping the pin icon in a vehicle’s summary panel will “pin” that vehicle. As the vehicle moves, the map will pan to keep the vehicle displayed so that you don’t lose sight of it

You can tap and hold on a vehicle marker to see its options

Tapping and holding for a second or so, then releasing on a vehicle marker will open it’s context menu. This is a great, quick way to access the “pin” or “unpin” functionality, for example.

You can see live traffic information

Toggling the “Show Traffic” option in the main menu will display live traffic information from Google in the map. If you want to know why a vehicle is moving slowly, this could give you the answer!

Many features can be customised with settings

Tapping the settings option in the main menu will open the settings window. Many features have configuration options that you can access through here. You can add more details to the vehicle list overview, tweak performance options or even change how the date is displayed. Check back here as features are added for more customisation options.

You can leave filters in the vehicle list search box between sessions

If you type into the vehicle list filter box and filter the list, this value will stay there even through reloading the site. This can be useful for an in-line way of creating temporary “views” on certain groups of vehicles.

You can quickly sort the vehicle list

Tap and hold the sorting arrow in the vehicle list to toggle ascending/descending order.

You can see the command history for all devices

If the user has the permission to view commands for a device, they can also see the command execution history. Go a specific vehicle, tap the Commands section, then look for the “History” button in the top right of the command section. You can see a full history of which commands were run, when and what the results were.

You can quickly close alerts

If you have some alerts that need dismissing, just swipe to the right on the alert and tap the “close” button that will appear. Or swipe to the left to change your mind.

You can use event parameters to add more information to alerts

If you configure events to hold event parameters, you can make them a lot more meaningful. Mobile will display the event parameters for events so you can see exactly how fast the speeding alert trigger was, or how low the battery has drained without needing to rely on checking signals.