iOS Tracker

With our official GpsGate Tracker application you can use your iOS devices as trackers.

Note: you need an iOS device that has a built-in GPS hardware in it.

Plugin installation

1. Login to SiteAdmin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install the iOSTracker plugin.

Download the app

1. Open the Apple Store app on your iOS device apple_store.jpg

2. Install GpsGate Tracker (download link)


Application setup

1. Login to your Application

2. If you don't have a user created, click + User

3. On Device 1, select iOS

4. Click on Save

5. After clicking on Save, the QR code will show up.

6. Check below App Usage - Settings Screen to use this code to setup your device.

App usage

Main screen

GPS accuracy: Shows if the current GPS accuracy is suitable for tracking

Server connection: Shows the current server connection status

GPS tracking: Turns GPS tracking on or off. If you turn on GPS tracking, the app will run in the background and collect tracking data when possible.

Server connection: Turns the server connection on or off. You can choose to leave server connection on all the time for real-time reporting or turn it on only when you want to start reporting data to the server.

Send SOS: enables to send the SOS signal to the server. You can configure SOS as shown here.

DBG: if you shake your device, you can access the debugging interface. This is useful if you want to capture logs from the application.


The Settings screen

Protocol: select the appropriate server protocol

Host/IP: type the host name or IP address of the server you’re going to use

Port: type the port (default port for HTTP is 80, 443 for HTTPS)

IIS name: it is only necessary for self-hosted servers

Identifier: this is the client’s identifier. You can generate or input one on the server side editing the user.



  • Error message: "Could not connect to the server. Please check your connection settings".

a. If you are using a GpsGate hosted server, verify you're using the server's DNS name instead of the IP address.

b. Check if your identifier from the user in the Vehicle Tracker application matches the identifier in your App.

c. This error message could also happen due to a temporary bug in the iOS app. You can fix it with following these steps.

  • When the screen is off or the phone is paused, the phone does not register my tracks or movements.

Verify in your iPhone that you have the following option activated in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Tracker > Always

This allows the app to run in the background even when the phone is locked. The app will only save new coordinates if the option Gps tracking is On.


  • I want to change the way iOS tracker register my tracks (modify the default General profile). Is it possible to modify the default parameters?

Yes. Follow this guide to change the way a new position is recorded.

  • I don't see the QR code when registering my device.

To see it, you can edit the user:

Then select Device 1 > Register tracker and scan the code again with your phone

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NOTE: GpsGate has a new Fleet app available in beta. To learn more about testing the new mobile app, click here.