GpsGate Fleet features list

GpsGate's newest Fleet app provides the latest in design and some exciting new features.

Push notifications - This allows mobile app users to stay updated on their fleet at all times - with no additional SMS costs.

Individual trips - Users can now view tracks for individual trips when they view a user's trips.

Custom branding - The custom application branding applies to Fleet so that customers have a seamless experience whether signing in on desktop or mobile.

Share location - Generate and send a secure link to temporarily share a vehicle's location. Read more here.

2019-8_fleet_notification.png   2019-8_individual_trip.png

New Fleet feature list

We're adding more features to the new Fleet app to match all functionality of previous app versions. Soon all of the features and customization will be available in one user-friendly app. The older versions of the app are available until all features are included in the new app.

For a quick guide on what's coming to the new Fleet app in the near future, see below.

  Fleet (2019) GpsGate Fleet     (older version) Fleet Unbranded      (older version)
Push notifications X    
Custom branding X    
Individual trips X    
Share location X    
Dashboard   X X
Commands X X X
Tracks X X X
Alerts management X X X
Real-time updates X X X
Optimized fleet view (clustering) X X X
Responsive design X X X
iOS and Android X X X
Localization X X X


NOTE: The older Fleet mobile apps will be deprecated in the future when the new Fleet mobile app reaches feature parity.