GpsGate Fleet features list

GpsGate's Fleet app puts the power of fleet management in your pocket.

Push notifications - This allows mobile app users to stay updated on their fleet at all times - with no additional SMS costs.

Individual trips - Users can now view tracks for individual trips when they view a user's trips.

Custom branding - The custom application branding applies to Fleet so that customers have a seamless experience whether signing in on desktop or mobile.

Share location - Generate and send a secure link to temporarily share a vehicle's location. Read more here.

Geofences - View geofences on the map.

2019-8_fleet_notification.png   2019-8_individual_trip.png

New Fleet feature list


  Fleet (2019) GpsGate Fleet     (older version) Fleet Unbranded      (older version)
Push notifications X    
Custom branding X    
Individual trips X    
Share location X    
Dashboard   X X
Commands X X X
Tracks X X X
Alerts management X X X
Real-time updates X X X
Optimized fleet view (clustering) X X X
Responsive design X X X
iOS and Android X X X
Localization X X X
Geofences X    


NOTE: The older Fleet mobile apps will be deprecated (and no longer available for download via app stores) in August 2020.