Tag notifiers: dynamically assign tags in your event rules

Using Tag notifiers you can dynamically assign tags to your users as notifications in Event Rules. This allows, for example, to add Users to different Views in an automated way. 


1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins and install the Tag Notifier plugin.

2. Log in to your application.

Usage example

Tag Notifiers could have many usages and could be used in many different ways.

In this example, we will use Tag Notifiers to add a group of moving vehicles into the tag Online. The rest of the vehicles will remain in the tag Offline.

1. Create Tags that you will use with your Tag Notifiers.

For example, you can create two sets of tags, one called Online, another called Offline. These tags will represent device units that are reporting (online) or not (offline) to the platform.

When creating the Online tag, we won't select any users belonging to this tag to start with. On the other hand, when creating the Offline tag we will select all the units we have in the application (for this example, we will assume that all users are offline by default).

Read how to use and create tags here.

2. Create an event rule and follow the wizard until you reach step 4.

Read more about how to create event rules here.

Select Analog Expression and use Speed as a variable and set it this way:


3. On step 5, select Tag Notifier as a notification type.

 Select your tags this way:


By doing this, you are telling the platform to add all your moving vehicles into the tag Online. When this rule state is false, it will keep or add any vehicle that speed is not > 0, to the tag Offline.

4. Save your event rule.

5. Optionally, you could now create two Views: one for each state Online or Offline. This way you can dynamically update your interface based on each vehicle status.

Read more about how to create and use views here.