Tags and Views


You can create Tags that you can assign to users to group them into different categories. 

You can use as many tags as you consider necessary. It's even possible to create just a tag for one individual user only.

How to create new tags

a. From Admin > Tags

1. Go to Admin > Tags menu


2. You select + New Tag and introduce a name and a description (optional)

3. Finally include the vehicle/s you want into this category

4. Click on Save.

b. When creating new users

When you create new users, the Tags option is also present there to allow you quickly create a tag if necessary.

The creation procedure is exactly the same as explained before using the Admin menu.


Views are used to filter the group of users that you are looking at on the screen (map and Vehicles panel).

Tags and Views go hand by hand together. 


Using the Tags created before, you can create a View to visualize only the group Trucks with trailers.

1. Go to Admin > Views

2. Select + New View and add a name and a description (optional)

3. Select the Tag created previously. 

If you don't have a Tag yet, you can also create it in this screen.

4. Click on Save.

5. Your new View will become inmediately available on screen. Select it to switch to the desired view.