Broadcast SMS notifications to multiple recipients

We've introduced a feature that allows to send SMS notifications to multiple recipients at once. Read the following guide to know how it's done.


  1. Install the Chat plugin
  2. Enable the Chat plugin in your application properties


1. Login to your application and go to Windows > Broadcast message

2. On step 1. Users select the users/tags that will be the recipients of the message.

      • Note: the recipient/s should have a valid phone number in their properties.

3. On 2. Message select the sender name (optional) and input the message for the recipients.

4. Now you can click on Send or go to 3. Summary to see the number of recipients of the message.

The following message shows that the message was sent to the queue correctly:

Now the receipients should have received the broadcast SMS message successfully:

  • Note: this is 1-way communication method from the tracking platform to the receipient. For a 2-way communication method use the standard Chat plugin functionality
  • To troubleshoot outbound SMS messages, go to Site Admin > System Tools > Queue Viewer > SMS