Chat over SMS in GpsGate Server


In GpsGate Server, users have the possibility to chat over SMS to communicate with each other bidirectionally. An example could be that a dispatcher of jobs needs to communicate with the driver to receive feedback. The dispatcher will use the Chat interface in GpsGate Server desktop, and the driver will use his/her default favorite SMS application in his mobile phone to reply back.



1. Setup SMS in GpsGate Server as described here (If your SMS settings are already configured or if you use GpsGate hosted services, go to next step)

2. Setup the Chat plugin as described here

3. Define a new User Type that you will apply to the driver as described here. In this step, you need to enable the Phone number property in the Details section in the User Type Editor.

4. Assign a mobile phone number to the driver when editing the user, in the Details tab

5. Assign the user the role _Unit, is required for this user to communicate with the dispatcher in the desktop application.


  • Note: Enabling this role will make use of an additional license in the platform.


1. Right-click on the user you want to send the message to, and select Chat

2. Select New Message

3. Select the options you require and input your message

4. The driver will receive a regular SMS notification on his mobile phone. This message is not related to the Dispatch plugin in GpsGate Server

  • Note: This solution consists of sending SMS messages from your GpsGate Server platform and the driver’s mobile device. Take into account the possible associated SMS costs before using this solution.