Custom Fields

Custom fields are personalized fields that can be applied to Users and POI’s. Giving you a new range of possibilities. For instance you could create a text field and use it to store registration id for a vehicle.

Custom Fields in the Vehicle Panel


1. Click in your application name in SiteAdmin

2. Select Privileges and Features

3. Enable the _EditCustomField privilege in your application.

Optional: In SiteAdmin > Plugins, install PointsOfInterest plugin from, this will allow you to use custom fields for points of interest.

How to add Custom Fields

1. Add Custom fields by clicking on the Panel Menu in The Vehicles -panel and select Manage Custom Fields.


2. Now you can select the Custom Field type of your choice and their default values if needed

3. Then click on the Save -button.

Add Custom Field to User Types

1. Click on the Panel Menu and select User Type Editor.


2. Select User Type to edit or add new User Type, in the example, we will edit the user type Device.

3. Expand the Details step.

Here you’ll find all available Custom Fields in your application available for Users, in our example, marked in red.

4. Make the visible, hidden or mandatory by checking on the boxes for each field.


5. Save when done.

Custom Fields can now be found in Edit and Add Users with the previously selected User Type. They are found under the Details step. The default values that are seen here are not set for the user until you have pressed “save” for each user.

Display Custom Fields

To display Custom Fields in the Vehicles list, you can right click in the columns and add them. Read more about adding columns to your workspace here.

Use Custom fields in Points of Interest

Custom fields can also be used in Points of Interest.
You add Custom Fields to POIs this way:

1. Select Windows > Point of Interest in your application.

2. Click on the Panel Menu and select Manage Custom Fields.


3. Add Custom fields to you application in the same way as described for Users.

4. Save when you're done.

5. Now select Manage categories in the menu.


6. Select POI category to add Custom fields to in the list.

7. Expand the Custom Fields step and select the Custom Fields that you would like to make visible.

8. Save your changes.

Now when you add or edit POI’s your Custom Fields will be available in the form.
You can display the Custom Fields in the POI list by selecting them under the Select Columns icon in the top right corner of the POI list.

Custom fields in Dispatch plugin

Custom fields can also be used in Dispatch both in Jobs and Route Jobs. the Dispatch panel (Windows > Dispatch), click in the small arrow in the top right of the panel and select Job/Route Custom Fields


2. Select the Field type and the desired labels according to your Dispatch customization needs

3. Click Save.

Note: to know more about how to use custom fields with dispatch, check this guide.


Custom fields in Maintenance plugin

The Maintenance Plugin also allows adding custom fields.

1. To add them, select Maintenance > Schedules in your application.

2. Now select the arrow at the top-right of the Schedules window


3. In the same way as previously described for other elements (Users, POIs, etc) add your Custom Field types.

4. Click in Save

5. Follow the Maintenance Plugin guide to know how to add Maintenance Schedules.

The custom fields will be included in those schedules.