Unbranded Tracker for Android

GpsGate Partners who use our Branding plugin white-label functionality now have access to a version of our Android Tracking app which does not display any GpsGate branding!

Download the app

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device google_play_logo.png

2. Download our app by scanning the code using the phone camera app.

Note: in some versions of Android, the QR code works inside the camera app when Google Lens Suggestions are activated.

Unbranded version
Use this version if you prefer a white-labeled application.

Site Admin setup

This is the unbranded tracker app registration, so enable this setting in Site Admin and click on Save.


Note: Having or not this setting activated, will generate different links for the unbranded version (this) or the GpsGate branded one.

Next steps


Read our troubleshooting articles here.