Unbranded Android Tracker

GpsGate Partners who use our Branding plugin white-label functionality now have access to a version of our Android Tracking app which does not display any GpsGate branding!

Getting started

GpsGate Server Installation

Unbranded Android Tracker support requires you to update to the latest Patch v4.

  1. Login to Site Admin
  2. Go to the Plugins tab
  3. Install or update the Branding plugin.

Switch to the unbranded Android Tracker for GpsGate app

When your plugins are installed and updated you can configure the branding options in SiteAdmin

  1. Browse to SiteAdmin and click the Settings tab
  2. Select the Branding section
  3. Uncheck the “Show GpsGate logo” checkbox
  4. Click Save

Deploying the Android app

Once your branding preference is set in SiteAdmin, you can create Android device users and deploy the app to your users in exactly the same way that you do with the GpsGate Tracker Android app. If you have selected to display the GpsGate logo you will be deploying the GpsGate Tracker Android app and if you have selected to not show the logo you will be deploying the unbranded Android Tracker for GpsGate app.

Desktop view    Inside app    Notification area

Get started creating users and deploying the Android Tracker app using this guide.

More info

  • This Android app allows you to turn Android devices into assets tracked by GpsGate Server and also integrates with our new Mobile Plugin and Mobile Dispatch Plugin
  • For a video walkthrough of configuring the Branding plugin see our Branding Guide
  • You can access the unbranded Android Tracker for GpsGate as a direct download on the Google Play store



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