How to move or copy users and devices between applications

This guide will show you how to move or copy a user or device from one application to another.

Adding the user to the new application

Site Admin

1. Log in to Site Admin > Applications
2. Click on the application you want to move the user to (destination).
3. Go to Administrator and select Add Administrator button.

4. Select Add existing radio button

5. Write a username and click Search
6. Select username in the dropdown, and click Add

7. Repeat from step 5 for all users you want to move to the destination application.
8. Scroll down and click Save.


1. Log in to the application you move the users to, and set the desired Role (the user at this stage will not have a role assigned).
2. Click on the login icon in the left column, select an administrator user to login.

3. In the application, search for your user.
4. Right-click on the user and select Edit User

5. Click on the Roles tab in the Edit User window.
6. Select the Roles you want the user to be in.

7. Select a Tag for this user too.

8. Click Save.

Repeat these steps for each user you added. 

Removing the user from the original application

GpsGate supports sharing users in multiple applications. If you skip the steps below, the user will be member of two applications. This can be useful when creating an "overview" application.

1. Log in to the original application in which this user was first.
2. Select the user you want to delete and use the Edit User option.
3. At the bottom of the user properties, select Delete.


If you see the error message "Shared user can only be changed by himself/herself"

Login as this user to make the changes with itself.

Note! The device type and device mapper can only be edited in the original application for each user.