How to move or copy users and devices between applications

This guide will show you how to move or copy a user or device from one application to another.

Adding the user to the new application

1. Log in to any application as a Site Admin user.

2. Navigate to Server Administration → Applications → Manage Applications


3. Under Applications, choose the application where you want to move the vehicle to.


4. Click Properties (left) and go to the Administrators property and add the user you desire to move to this application.


For instance, we added "Vehicle 1" as in the image:


5. Click on Save.

Activate the device on the new application

If you are moving a device to the new application, don't forget to finish below steps:

  • Search for the newly added device in vehicles search
  • Change the Role from Administrator to Unit
  • Ensure the device is using the correct device type and device mapper 
  • Add the devices into the appropriate tags

Removing the user from the original application

To avoid the user to be in two applications (the original and the new one), follow these steps:

1. Repeat the steps 1-3 above. On step 3, choose the original application this time and choose Switch to application.

2. Once in the application, remove the user by editing the user → Delete.

The user will just be removed from the original application, it will still exist on the new application.




If you see the error message "Shared user can only be changed by himself/herself"

Login as this user to make the changes with itself.

Note! The device type and device mapper can only be edited in the original application for each user.