How to create custom variables

Creating custom variables could be useful if you don't find a suitable variable name from the current Varpack plugins (you can find them in SiteAdmin > Plugins > Get more Plugins) or if you need new variables in your own language or rather using your own terminology.

These new variables can be used in the device mapper, Status or track points panel inside your application.

1. Go to SiteAdmin > Devices > Variables page.


On this page you can see the overview of custom variables.

2. In the last row you can fill the details (Name, Description, Type, Unit) of new variable you are adding.

Type: select DoubleStringBoolean depending on what kind of value will you store into this new variable. Typically:

Double: is for anything that stores a number or "something that could be measured" like any Analog signal (fuel level, temperature, speed, etc).

String: is for anything that stores a string of characters, for example RFID or Ibutton that sends the "driver identification number".

Boolean: is to store a signal that can only handle two states (true/false, 0/1, etc). For example: door open, lights on, SOS, etc.

3. Click the Save button.

How to use the custom variable

The new variable will be available in the Device Mapper in the Vehicle Tracker application for any Device type selected.

1. Select Admin > Device Mappers

2. Select your device from the list

3. Go to 3.Mappings

4. Select the Input and your new variable

Note: your new variable will show if it matches the type of the input you're selecting.

Check which Type you have selected when creating the variable.