Merge multiple servers


Merging servers may reduce your administrative costs, give you more time to help your customers and a better overview of your business as it grows, keeping everything in one place. Archiving is not intended for backup. For back up, please read this guide.

Notice: Test this guide first on a test server. Please contact for further guidance both initially and after you've completed 3. Move with tracks.

In your test please follow the guide carefully: complete each step before turning to the next. Stop your test after 3. Move with tracks.



  1. All plugins are updated.
  2. All plugins installed on the source are installed on the target. (exception: see ignored plugins)
  3. All variables in SiteAdmin->Devices->Variables found on the source are found on the target.
  4. There are no conflicting usernames, emails, IMEIs, telephone numbers on the 2 servers.      
  5. Follow the general guide to create an export rule, deselecting Export Tracks
  6. and an import rule, with the below settings

Guide: Merge two servers

This guide gives an example of how you can merge 2 servers.

1. Move without tracks

Move selected applications and their users and reports by pressing Run.Follow the progress in SiteAdmin->Arching->Archiving Reports. This step may take everything from minutes to hours.

2. Correct errors and run again

See Correcting errors below, for more info. 

Keep in mind

  1. that scheduled reports may be sent to clients even if no devices are yet reporting to the server. You can stop the email provider for the imported applications if that's the case.
  2. to inform SiteAdmin users who got their usernames changed so they can log into the system.
  3. Maintenance, Dispatch, Chat, and Odometer values won't be moved by Archiving. For that, you need to follow this guide.

3. Move with tracks

Modify the rules above to Export and Import Tracks, see pictures above. Save them and run the export rule again. This step may take many hours since a lot of tracking data is going to be moved.

4. Move devices

Direct your devices to the new server and inform your users about the new address. Do not use Dataforward here.

5. Move remaining tracks

Run the export rule again once you see all devices are reporting to the new server.
That will transmit the tracking data that was generated after 3.Move with tracks was completed.

6. Tidy up

Do some stick tests to see that historical data is successfully moved to the new server and clean up by handling SiteAdmin users that were changed as well as other modified users.


Correcting errors

All servers are different. Despite thorough preparations you may end up having to correct some remaining user conflicts or other problems.
You will find the non resolved conflicts in NMEA error logs in SiteAdmin->System Tools->logs. These types of user conflict errors can be solved by simply changing the usernames, emails, IMEIs, or telephone numbers.

2018-08-16 07:25:44.7831 | Error | 44 | ObjectArchiveImporter.Import | Failed to import an archive file, filename: 6fa1432d-9716-425c-b9ef-8bd85db606ec_0_20180816132544.xml. (A User with the same Username - Tom - already exists in the database.) |
2018-08-16 07:25:44.7970 | Error | 44 | ObjectArchiveImporter.Import | A User with the same Username - Tom - already exists in the database. (Franson.Directory.DAO.UserAlreadyExistsException)

To change usernames the privilege _editUserNames must be enabled for the application.
In case you don't succeed to change the conflicting usernames please send a list of the names to
Don't forget to check SiteAdmin->Applications->SiteAdmin Users on both servers.
Run the rule and correct errors until no more errors show up in SiteAdmin->Arching->Archiving Reports. 

Ignored Plugins

The following plugins are ignored by the archiving rule and therefore never needed in the target server:

  • Always Valid (Deprecated)
  • CloudMade (Deprecated)
  • LogFiles