Import Maintenance (Legacy) logs

This guide pertains to Maintenance (Legacy). GpsGate Cloud customers can use the new Maintenance feature in preview release.

This guide describes how to import Maintenance jobs into the system. By doing this, you can more efficiently add past maintenance logs in the system.

Read how to enable Maintenance first.

How to import

1. Select Import Log Events from the Window > Maintenance menu


2. Select a Maintenance Schedule and an Event from the list.

3. Choose your CSV file to import. The CSV file should have the format as described.

You can also download this CSV sample and complete it with your data.



device1,80000000,2015-01-12T14:04:20,Log Comment

Important notes:

  • You have to enter either Username or UserID but not both
  • The parameter AccValue should be expressed in meters.

4. Click on 


If everything is correct, you'll see the imported summary at the end of the import.