How to fix if Franson NMEA Service or IIS crashes frequently


Franson NMEA Service or IIS crashes frequently.


You most likely installed an unsupported version of MySQL ODBC.


1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable

2. Download MySQL Connector ODBC 5.3.4 installer.  
(5.3.6 and 5.3.7 is not supported, you can read more about the requirements here)

3. Stop GpsGateServer application pool in IIS Manager, and stop Franson NMEA Service.

4. It is recommended to remove GpsGateServer data source in ODBC Data Source Administrator
if you are using older driver version than MySQL Connector ODBC 5.3.X. (You will need to recreate the datasource later.)

5. If you are using MySQL Connector ODBC 5.3.6 or later, you have to uninstall it first.

6. Install MySQL Connector ODBC 5.3.4

7. If you removed the the GpsGateServer data source in step 4, you need to recreate GpsGateServer datasource in ODBC Data Source Administrator. (Make sure you pick MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode driver when creating a new datasource).

8. Start GpsGateServer application pool in IIS Manager and start Franson NMEA Service.