Reporting processing quota is exceeded


The Site Admin user receives an email from GpsGate, saying that the reporting processing quota is exceeded for a particular application for the day:

Application XXX has exceeded the report processing limit.

Limit: 3 hour(s)
Provider: Distance01
Time: 12/10/2021 13:32:38 Europe/Berlin
Affected reports: TR1000 Trip & Idle


There is a reporting processing time quota for each application. By default, this is 3 hours per application and day. 

There is also a rendering limit for each time a report is rendered. By default, this is 5 minutes.


Increase the processing limit of your report:

1. Log in to an application with a Site Admin user.

1. Go to Manage Applications.


2. Go to Properties and increase the following parameters:


If the quota was exceeded for scheduled reports, you can resend failed reports under Site Admin (legacy) → ReportingScheduled Reports.


Read more on status of scheduled reports