Google ETA with traffic information for Dispatch

In Dispatch, you can use Google ETA to get an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your workers to their job destinations. Google ETA also includes real-time traffic information to make this calculation more precise than ever. Note: if you use the native map and want to only use OSM data for ETA, find out more here.



1. Go to Site Admin > Settings > Services Accounts and make sure you have a valid key that includes this service (if you are not sure, contact support).

2. Go to your application and enable the privileges and features you see in the following image. Be certain that _DispatchGoogleEta is enabled.


3. Log in to your application.

4. Go to Admin > Roles and verify you have enabled _DispatchGoogleEta for the administrator user and the roles you need this feature into. Read more about enabling roles and privileges for users.

Using Google ETA

1. Enable Google ETA in your Dispatch panel.


2. Create a job for your worker.

In the process of creating your job, you will select the worker. The workers closer to the task location are shown first, and their ETA will also show.


In the Dispatch panel, the ETA value will be shown when the task status is active.


*NOTE: To check your usage of Google ETA for billing purposes, visit Site Admin > Settings > License.

Access & pricing for Google ETA

Google ETA is a premium feature with additional charges. It does NOT require a Google Maps license. For access, please contact support.

GpsGate passes along Google pricing directly for the feature.


Monthly volume range (price per ETA request)

0 - 100,000

100,001 - 500,000

.005 USD per each

($5.00 USD per 1000)

.004 USD per each

($4.00 USD per 1000)

Usage is tracked per server. Each query for an ETA is one request. For example, one query with ten destinations and ten queries with one destination are both ten requests.