TR2002 IFTA Report

GpsGate Server provides an IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) report used to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction. This is a fuel tax report, listing all miles traveled in all participating jurisdictions.


Follow these steps:

  • Login to the Site Administration application
  • Click on the tab Plugins and go to the menu Get More Plugins
  • Browse through the list to the plugin “Trip Report” and click on Download
  • When the plugin has been downloaded click OK to continue
  • Click Install and wait for the plugin installation to complete
  • Follow the steps on this guide from section 2 to activate the report


TR2002 IFTA report allows to select different time frames and combinations of vehicles and States in order to get the distance travelled. The data is grouped by State but displayed in detail by vehicle, showing distance travelled per day and total distance for the time frame selected.


TR2002 IFTA Report can be customizable in case more regions need to be added and it supports different measures like miles or kilometers, depending on your GpsGate Server’s settings.


Each position will be geo-coded when running the TR2002 IFTA Report, this must be taken into consideration if the geocoder used has a limited quota.