Create a GpsGate user to use with GpsGate Splitter

This guide explains how to create a user that is capable of connecting with GpsGate.

To be able to do that, you need to create a user with the right properties. 

Creating the user

1. Create a new user by clicking on + user

2. Select the User Type Laptop


3. Enter the Username and Password that you'll later need to configure your Splitter.

Read about how to configure the Splitter to connect to GpsGate.


4. Make sure the user has the role _Unit activated. Read more about Roles here.


5. Select a Tag for your user or create a new one. Read more about Tags here.


6. In Device 1, select GpsGate Generic Device


7. Click on Save

Congratulations! now your user to use with GpsGate Splitter is ready to use.