All my devices are offline!

The most common problem when all devices goes offline is that an earlier failed restart of the service has left the BlockEnabled file. Follow those steps in Site Admin:

1. Stop the service under Site Admin -> Service
2. Delete the file C:\GpsGateServer\Franson NMEA Service\BlockEnabled (if it exists)
3. Start the service again under Site Admin -> Service

Now check if the devices comes back online again.

Still have problems? Check that your firewall is not blocking traffic from your devices.

1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Devices (top menu)
3. Click on Test for the listeners you use.

If a test fails, check your firewall.

If you still have problems, check with your mobile operator if your SIM cards are active. Does the mobile operator have temporary network problems? Do you have any issues with your account?

Still have problems? Go through this checklist:

1. Check the terminal. Do you see any errors?
More info on the terminal here:

2. Check the error logs. You can find the error logs under C:\GpsGateServer\ErrorLog

3. Check the Windows event log. You find it under Windows Control Panel -> Administrative Tools


If you have a server with at least 25 licenses, we also recommend that you use the WatchDog service, which will notify you by email or SMS when something is wrong with the server. Learn more about WatchDog.